Get Involved

People make the world go round. Here are three ways you can get involved with Milwaukee MTB and make an immediate difference.

Buy a Cap

Want to buy fun art-inspired stuff and help out Milwaukee MTB at the same time? Then check out Serpentijn Art and Athletics products and you can!

Serpentijn collaborates with professional artists to create limited edition products tied to cycling and active lifestyles.

When you buy a Serpentijn item, 10% of the sale goes to Milwaukee MTB. Thanks, Jason Reimer, for putting all this together! You rock!


Ever wonder how Barnum and Bailey did it? Lots of extra help! The good news is we won’t ask you to hold a lion’s leash. Become a summer or fall ride leader, a race day volunteer, or a parent who helps with overnight trips. Watching these kids gain confidence and learn a new skill is loads of fun. Knowing you’re part of it is the best!

Contact Bill Koch at 414-534-4501 to discuss how you might help.

Write a Check

You could always count on Captain Montgomery “Scotty” Scott to squeeze a little more power out of the engines of the Enterprise. If he were here, he’d coyly squeeze a bit of money out of your pocket.

Use your 21st-century communication device and contact Andrew Rossa at 414-475-8942 to discuss donation opportunities. We deal in Earth’s U.S. Dollars until further notice.