Head Coaches for Magnet Locations

 Head Coach,
Riverside Magnet Location

Eli Bart

Eli loves coaching beginner and top age group runners and triathletes. She provides a safe, affordable, and fun environment for youth and junior multisport athletes and assists with natural health and holistic nutrition plans.

Eli is a licensed massage therapist, nutritionist, and USA Triathlon Coach for Adults/Youth & Juniors.

 Head Coach,
MacDowell Magnet Location

Nick Beermann

Nick grew up in the saddle, traversing the suburban streets and trails of the Twin Cities, MN. An aspiring scientist, he took to the streets of Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota. Dodging potholes and lost freshmen on campus, he succeeded in earning a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology which took him into teaching. His then girlfriend led him to Milwaukee where he started, and continues to teach in the city’s Montessori high school program at MacDowell Montessori School. When he’s not teaching, he loves biking around with his son Axel in the Burley, smoking pork butts and briskets and dreaming of being on tv’s Top Gear.

Ride Leaders

 Ride Leader

Bill Street

Bill discovered his passion for cycling at an early age while completing his cycling merit badge in Boy Scouts. Ever since he’s been inseparable from his bikes and the great outdoors. He has advanced to an Elite/Pro level cyclist in the mountain bike and cyclocross disciplines.

Bill has had many people help him out in some form or another and feels it is very important to return the generosity and give back to the youth in cycling community. There was no NICA or High School cycling program when he went to school and he is excited to help share his wealth of knowledge and experience with the youth who have an interest. Bill has also helped as a trainer with other programs like the Maywood Earth Ride – learn to ride training program in his home town of Sheboygan, WI. When not on a bike, Bill is a Mechanical Engineer.

 Ride Leader

Chris Hanson

Chris has been a mountain biker, cross country skier, and triathlete for over thirty years. He has earned degrees in health promotion, exercise science, and nursing as well as an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certification as a health and fitness instructor. Chris has worked in public health research across the country, in clinical research for the Medical College of Wisconsin, and as a home health nurse. He enjoys the bond of fellow athletes and inspiring youth to develop healthy lifestyles through physical activity. Chris loves the mountains and riding single track through the woods. He is excited to share the joy of cycling with others and build teams of youth (and parents) that grow together through bicycling.

 Ride Leader

Chris Lynch

Chris has been racing bicycles since the age of five, with experience ranging from BMX racing to his more current background in road and mountain bike racing. As of late, his favorite discipline has become fat bike races. In the winter months you’ll find him travelling the Midwest racing through the snow!

After having many mentors throughout his growth as a cyclist Chris has felt a need to give back to the cycling community, especially youth. Before MKE MTB Chris helped with the Milwaukee Bicycle Works youth cycling program. A high school mountain bike program was something he dreamed of as a kid and having a chance to give back to the cycling community through NICA is a dream come true.

Ride Leader

Jennifer Goetzinger

Jennifer is a mother of four (ages 14 to 22), former dancer, former Bay View catering company owner, and currently a personal chef and landscape designer. She is excited to return to mountain biking after 30 years. Mostly a road rider who has trekked into Canada and Northern Michigan, she whole heartedly wants to assist the MKE team when possible and hang out with her 3rd son, a team member from Rufus King.

Jennifer’s cooking philosophy–celebrating scratch kitchen menus and healthy gatherings–spills over into all aspects of her active life. While volleyball was her collegiate sport, off road biking always kept Jennifer’s fearless brain satisfied and hungry for more trails. As she returns to mountain biking trails with a more mindful desire for adventure and fun, she looks forward to assisting in creating a more accessible biking culture for the youth of Milwaukee.

Ride Leader

Michael Verhagen

“Mikey” discovered his love for cycling while racing in college at both UW-Sheboygan and UW-Milwaukee where he earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He has been racing mountain bikes in the WORS Series since 2005. Racing his way to a CAT 1 license has been a process Mikey has enjoyed and he continues to challenge what he knows in pursuit of being a heathier stronger athlete. Mikey has helped as a trainer with the Maywood Earth Ride in his home town of Sheboygan, WI, as well as at his previous employer where he helped 15 of his coworkers train and complete a race around Lake Winnebago.

In 2015 Mikey became an IMBA certified ride guide to be better prepared to share his love of mountain biking with others.

Ride Leader

Nick Ginster

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 Ride Leader

Paul Zettel

Paul is a Physical and Health Educator at Riverside University High School.  He is one of the after school Wellness Program coordinators who brought biking to Milwaukee teens in 2006. The first thing you notice about Paul is his passion for working with youth.  He enjoys creating new opportunities and environments for youth to discover themselves and the world around them through fitness activities like mountain biking and triathlons. With his passion, Paul brings 36 years of experience teaching, coaching, guiding and learning with children, teens and adults in a wide variety of exciting venues.  His motto is, “ We get well and stay well together!”

Paul appreciates all the partnerships and friendships he and his colleagues have nurtured over the years that have made the MKE mountain biking community here in metro Milwaukee an instant success.

 Ride Leader

Tristan Klein

Tristan is one of the owners of Coast In Bikes- a bike shop in Milwaukee and has been an avid mountain biker since he was working at a bike shop in Door County in High School. He has been a coach with the Riverside High School team for over a year and loves teaching High School kids skills he wishes his High School did when he was younger. In addition to mountain biking, he can be found year-round commuting to work on the streets of Milwaukee and rock climbing during the winter months. Tristan always has a sense of adventure when exploring either by bike, foot or sailing and teaching others that joy of mastering a new skill.

Ride Leader

Sara (Terry) Shaw

Biking is where I find my calm. No matter where my biking takes me, I always feel at home. There are moments out on the trails where I think I might die from the uphills, but at the end of the day the victory is always sweet and it is always mine. The top of that hill that took every ounce of energy to climb is always more beautiful than the bottom. That’s the thing about bikes, it isn’t just something to do, a past time, at least not to me. It is an opportunity, one that has brought so many delightful, strong and inspirational people into my life. Now I want to help others find that opportunity. From Bmx and dirt jumpers to mountain and road bikes, put two wheels in front of me and you’ll soon see a cloud of dust! Same for my 11-year-old son!

Ride Leader

Steve Mehne

I grew up in a very active family and enjoyed a wide variety of outdoor activities throughout my childhood. When I moved to Milwaukee I learned that not everyone gets to grow up in the country and be in the woods on a daily basis. Being a part of the Milwaukee MTB team allows me to share one of the things that gives me the greatest balance in life with others. I am excited to give back to my community in the best way that I know how.

I have been riding every type of bike as long as I can remember, I started taking cycling seriously as a sport and as transportation when I moved to Milwaukee in 2009. The wheels have been turning ever since! Mountain biking has returned as my main focus in recent years along with cyclocross as a close second. I also enjoy touring, road riding, backpacking, and basically anything outdoors.

Steering the Program

 Milwaukee Recreation Coordinator

Andrew Rossa

Andrew Rossa is currently a Recreation Coordinator for Milwaukee Recreation. Overseeing the departments Community Centers and Youth Sports programs. The MKE MTB program is a great initiative that fits the mission of Milwaukee Recreation’s perfectly. As an avid cyclist, mostly road and cyclocross lately, Andrew is proud to support a program that gives teens in the community another opportunity to participate in something that hopefully becomes a lifelong skill.

 Director of Teams

Bill Koch

Bill, a MO native by way of MI, has lived in Milwaukee since 1987. Beyond his passion for his family, he has had a lifelong love affair with cycling, albeit mostly road riding! After a long career in the food industry, Bill dived feet first into the local cycling scene and besides his role as team director for MKE MTB, he is a partner in the Tour of America’s Dairyland, the USA’s largest competitive cycling series and a second term board member of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation. He has also been involved in various cycling initiatives at Riverside High School for close to 10 years and has carried his dream of accessibility to cycling for the youth of Milwaukee near his heart all that time.

To quote Bill …. “this opportunity to create cycling teams under the umbrella of Milwaukee Recreation to compete within the NICA framework is the moment we have been waiting for; we can ill afford to let it pass us by!”

Other Good People Doing Great Work

 Parent Communication Guy, Ride Leader

Steven Giles

Steve moved to Milwaukee from Seattle in 1999 and now calls Wisconsin home. Upon his arrival in Milwaukee he became active in a local bike club racing bikes competitively in criteriums and road races. Steve is a year-round bicycle commuter, riding 10 miles from his front door to downtown Milwaukee on a daily basis. His son Nolan is an avid mountain biker and is looking forward to his second year with the Milwaukee composite team. Steve is eager to help train the team members throughout the summer in preparation for the fall season.

 Web Site Guru, Facebook Gal, Ride Leader

Julie Henszey

Julie is our web site and Facebook coordinator and a ride leader. Julie set a goal in 2001 to complete 100 triathlons over the course of 20 years. She is currently at 75. Julie is a corporate trainer and executive coach by day and an outdoor adventure gal by … well, the rest of the time. She leads hiking trips through a remote part of the Grand Canyon and has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Her garage is filled with sets of mountain bikes, road bikes, and fat tire bikes for her and her husband. She has two kids in college and lives in Wauwatosa.

Julie is a wilderness first responder, so if a student athlete is stuck on a mountain in a remote area, we’ll send Julie to go rescue her.